Active Rear Door Heat Exchanger

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We understand the challenges that come with cooling a data hall. That is why we work with our customers to find a solution that meets their space and efficiency goals while lowering total cost of ownership. Our ADHX systems attach directly to the rack to remove heat from the source with minimal impact on floor space.


as low as 1.033


3,825 CFM


23.6” x 74.2” x 39.4”


35 kW

Built for Your Data Hall

We'll work with you to design a product that fits your environment. ADHX units fit into existing structure, are easy to install and lower the need for humidification.

ADHXs are compatible with most enclosures and racks and have the option for top feed or bottom feed connections.
Easy to Install
Units can be installed on a rack in a matter of minutes.
No Condensate
Reduce the need for humidification and save energy with 100% sensible cooling.

Exceed Your Efficiency Goals

Designed to Keep Up

You need a cooling product that keeps up with the growing demand on your data center. Our ADHXs help data center owners all over the world increase efficiency, reduce footprint and lower total cost of ownership.

Increase Efficiency

Reduce your environmental impact with energy savings of 90% or more.

Reduce Footprint

Minimize footprint by 90% or more and free up white space for IT infrastructure.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Reduce capital and total cost of ownership by up to 50%.

Custom Solutions at Your Doorstep

We design custom solutions that fit your needs and bring them directly to you. We operate across numerous locations and have over a million square feet of manufacturing space.

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