• 20-30%
    reduction in PUE
  • 90%
    reduction in WUE
  • 400kw - 2MW
    HSD range
  • 25-30%
    reduction in TCO

The Future of Sustainable
Data Center Cooling

Our revolutionary StatePoint technology offers a complete cooling plant inside a self-contained air handling unit. Its indirect evaporative cooling method uses a unique semi-permeable membrane exchanger that completely separates water from the air stream resulting in significant PUE and WUE savings.

Cooling the Cloud.
Protecting the planet.

Maximizing Efficiency

StatePoint units automatically operate under the most efficient mode in response to real time outdoor temperature and humidity levels.

Choose your data center location to see how StatePoint can lower your power and water usage.

    • Extremely Hot
    • Very Hot
    • Hot
    • Warm
    • Mixed
    • Cool
    • Cold
    • Very Cold
    • Subarctic/Arctic
    500+ StatePoint units deployed

    1,000,000+ square feet being cooled

    100+ patents awarded or pending

    Better for Your Business and the Environment

    Reduce operation costs with one of the lowest power and water usage rates in data center cooling. READ THE ARTICLEarrow_forward Lower Cost of Operation Take the next step toward net-zero operation. StatePoint’s ability to use recycled water, interface with waste heat recovery systems and operate off wind and solar power make it the most efficient unit on the planet.

    Read more about Nortek Data Center's committment to Net-Zero Energy Goals
    READ THE ARTICLEarrow_forward Next Step in Net-Zero
    StatePoint's indirect evaporative cooling method completely separates outdoor air from the chilled water loop, minimizing potential for biological growths, such as Legionella. READ THE ARTICLEarrow_forward Reduce Legionella Potential StatePoint significantly reduces the total electrical infrastructure of a data center, lowering total cost of ownership. READ THE ARTICLEarrow_forward Minimize Total Cost of Ownership

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