CoilWall Series

Built to reduce environmental impact
Scaled to meet your needs.

We help our customers find the right cooling solution to meet their efficiency goals and scale it to meet the specific needs of their data center. Our CoilWall Series are designed with components that increase efficiency and reduce noise levels while bringing cool air to data center halls.

Integrate a CoilWall with on-site equipment or with cool outdoor air, CoilWall Series are designed with flexibility to meet your data center’s specific needs

Your Free Cooling Solution

Free cooling is one of the most efficient ways to run a data center. CoilWall Series can be installed in data center halls for a more cost- and energy-efficient method of bringing in cool outdoor air. Besides increased efficiency, CoilWall Series bring maximum flexibility, optimized airflow, redundancy and minimized turbulence. Similar patented technology® is also used in Nortek Custom Air Handlers, Computer Room Air Handlers (CRAH), StatePoint® and other Nortek DCC Products.

Your Complete Air Distribution Package

The CoilWall Series is your all-in-one cooling distribution package. The unit comes in a packaged cabinet design, with minimal need for onsite construction, and can be customized to meet the needs of your data center.

Your Customizable Solution

The Coil Wall Series is an efficient solution for reducing footprint and lowering total cost of ownership in your data center space. Its modular design makes it easier to integrate into the existing structure, and the Coil Wall can be more easily modified to meet your power efficiency goals.

Better performance.
Less environmental impact.

Reliable Solutions for Your Data Center

Our products are built with components that increase efficiencies, optimize energy usage and drive industry-leading TCO.

State-of-the-Art Fan Technology

We design our systems with high-performance fans that increase efficiency and reduce sound levels.

Experts In Coil Production

We build our own coils and offer a wide selection to make sure each coil is fully optimized to meet the needs of the equipment and application.

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