The Nortek Data Center Cooling Clonee, Ireland, team was recently awarded a 99% KPI rating by Mace for their implementation of health and safety standards on the job site. For their exceptional work, the team was also awarded Contractor of the Month for May.

The health and safety KPI is a robust and comprehensive assessment of the approach and implementation of health and safety standards by all contractors working on the Clonee, Ireland, data center project. Six key categories are measured: leadership, standards, engagement, behavior, work environment and initiatives. Each of these categories has up to eight subcategories that require a significant amount of work to complete to the highest standard. The categories are rigorously assessed and rated between zero and 10 by the general contractor. KPIs are challenging and rigorous to ensure all contractors are held accountable to the highest standards.

“I have seen the importance Mace places on safety, and their acknowledgment of Nortek as Contractor of the Month is a great accomplishment,” says Kevin Facinelli, Group President, Nortek Data Center Cooling. “The team putting up a HUGE 99% score reaffirms the team’s full understanding and engagement in our mission to Accept Only Zero!!”

The excellent rating and award are a testament to the hard work and dedication of the Clonee, Ireland, team.